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Is your door not operating smoothly? Are you having trouble opening and closing the door? If the answer is yes, then you may have an issue with your garage door springs. Sometimes, you can even see a split where the spring broke apart. This is a good time to call a professional garage door company and schedule a spring repair service. It is critical to have a proper operating spring so that the broken spring doesn’t present a safety hazard to your garage and possessions.

When it comes time to choose a company to help with spring repair, you want to go with the best option possible. Perry Hall Garage Door Repair is the right choice for many reasons.

We provide our customers with same-day service. Therefore, when you call us in the morning, we make sure that we are at your home to fix the problem that same day. Spring replacement isn’t a challenge for our team of professionals. We’re also available seven days a week, so you can call on the weekends without being required to spend more money. This is because we don’t charge overtime fees for weekend work.

In fact, we’ve got some of the most affordable prices out there. It’s our goal to ensure that you don’t pay extra for the same quality service that everyone else receives. If that weren’t enough, our technicians are certified to handle spring repair or spring replacement.

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What Are the Garage Door Springs and How Do They Work?

Garage door springs are essential for the door to open and close easily and smoothly. Generally, the garage door spring’s function is to counteract the door’s force of gravity. Therefore, the door stays light enough so that it can be lifted manually or with the opener mechanism.

There are cables attached to the corners of the door at the bottom. They are designed to make the springs wind back up as the door goes down. Then, when the door is supposed to go back up, the springs use that stored energy from the downward motion. The springs can then unwind and use that built-up energy to lift up the door once again. It is all a system designed to work together. When something goes wrong with the springs or any other component, the door might not open or could open too fast which can cause damage to your property and surroundings.

What Happens When the Springs Malfunction?

Generally, if the spring breaks, the cables are going to appear broken. They aren’t going to be connected to anything and might fly around while the door tries to move. In most cases, the cables are fine, but they require a spring that functions correctly. In addition, if one of your springs breaks, you might hear a large crashing sound which means the door shut without anything to hold its weight.

Furthermore, you might notice that the door opens well for a couple of inches, but then it just stops and can’t go any further up the track. This is an indication that there is something wrong with the springs. As a result, the opener’s safety feature prevents the garage door from opening in order to prevent the opener’s internal gear from breaking due to the extensive weight of the door.

Often, you may experience a bent garage door at the top because there is too much weight, and the spring isn’t working to help with the lifting.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two primary garage door spring types: torsion and extension springs. We are going to discuss each one in-depth.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs usually are installed above the door. These springs are designed to balance the door, which means they hold enough pressure to close and open the garage door. The springs hold the weight of the garage door which helps the door lift more easily.

Generally, these springs use rotation and torque to balance the door. The springs are wound very tightly, so when you raise the door, that tension turns the shaft. They can often support more weight, which means you can choose a sturdy and more robust door for the garage. Plus, these springs can handle about 12,000 close/open cycles.

Extension Springs

Extension springs come as a pair of springs. They are located above the track of the garage door vertically along the sides. When the springs are pulled they provide enough force so that the garage door can open up easily.

Extension springs are designed to store and absorb energy while creating resistance and a pulling force. Usually, they are less expensive than the other type.

What Not to Do After the Springs Break

broken garage door spring
If you have a broken spring, it is advisable that you do not operate the garage door. This means that it is not recommended to use the opener because you can create more damage to the motor itself. Though you can technically open the door manually with a broken spring, we do not advise that you do this. It is going to be excessively hard to open the door because of all the weight. You might also break the springs further or cause further damage to other parts of the garage door. With that, you are going to have to hold the door open, as it could crash down at any time and break the door, damage property, or hurt people.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

It is inadvisable to replace your own garage door springs. The spring system is under extreme tension on the spring system, so it is highly dangerous to try to repair it yourself without the right tools, knowledge, technique, and experience. If you are having trouble with your spring, you can always contact us and we will be glad to help you with garage door spring replacement.

Why Trust a Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

As you learned earlier, the springs have to be installed correctly. It’s highly dangerous and requires a steady hand and expertise to get the tension right. Plus, safety regulations from the state are in place for a reason. Make sure that you choose a company that knows how to handle spring replacement.

At Perry Hall Garage Door Repair, our technicians are professional, licensed, and experienced. When you choose an expert to help you with spring repair, you’re going to save more money and reduce your stress.