Garage Door Panel Repair

Garage Door Panel Repair

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A functional garage door goes beyond adding curb appeal to a home. Your garage door works hard for you and your family in protecting your household’s vehicles, tools, and other personal property from the elements, including outside intruders. Years of service and exposure to weather create wear and tear on garage door panels.

This can result in several problems for garage door panels, from chipping paint on the exterior to the growth of mold within the panels themselves. Homeowners are thus encouraged to save themselves from these headaches and seek garage door panels repair or garage door panel replacement as soon as they see any warning signs indicating that the integrity of their garage doors may be at risk.

Why Choose Perry Hall Garage Door Repair?

Perry Hall Garage Door Repair features years of experience serving the garage door panel repair needs of both residential and commercial customers in our greater Perry Hall, MD community. We are proud to offer same-day service, seven days a week, to ensure that our customers' garage door panel replacement needs are taken care of promptly and without delay.

Our process is simple and customer-friendly. We begin all consultations with an estimate to ensure a thorough inspection of the garage door for all potential issues. We then review this estimate with customers to ensure that they are briefed on all aspects of the job to be performed. We take great care to educate them on the scope of repair, as well as our turnaround time and repair costs. We use only high-quality, industry-leading materials in all our work.

Our certified technicians not only are experts at repairing garage panels and performing garage door replacement, but also have all the necessary training to be successful at their jobs. We guarantee our workmanship in all services rendered, and we keep our pricing affordable and fair for our customers.

What Are the Garage Door Panels?

Residential homes often feature two primary types of garage door structures – single panel and sectional.

Single panel garage doors feature one panel that is hung on a hinge system and tilts upward into a garage’s headspace when opened. They tend to be cheaper since they require fewer materials to manufacture. They are a standby typically found in older homes.

Sectional garage doors, on the other hand, consist of a series of hinged panels that roll upward and overhead on a track system when opened. They are more durable, offer improved insulation, and come in a variety of modern designs to suit any home.

Garage door panels are made of a variety of materials. At Perry Hall Garage Door Repair we offer steel garage doors. Steel garage doors are a popular option in home construction due to their durable nature and lower maintenance relative to wood. Our doors come in different styles that suit our customer’s needs. Among the styles of our garage door are traditional garage doors and carriage house doors that can look like wood garage doors without the disadvantages of actual wooden garage doors.

Issues with Garage Door Panels

Since garage door panels are located on the exterior of a residence, they are subject to outside exposure daily. Bent panels and dented panels can arise from events as simple parking a little too close to the garage door, to damage from storms. In any case, broken panels affect the viability of a garage door from both a cosmetic and security perspective.

Any evident issues with bent, broken, or dented panels must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent damage from worsening. A client can choose to replace only one of their panels if the damage is not far-reaching. Replacement of one problem panel can save both time and money relative to replacing the entire garage door system.

Why Trust a Professional Garage Door Repair Company?

There are numerous benefits to choosing a professional garage door repair company for your next garage door panel repair job.

Proper installation or replacement of a garage door panel ensures that the problem, whether it be a bent, dented, or broken panel, is fixed in one shot. Our experienced and professional technicians are duly licensed, bonded, and insured. They are trained to comply with all relevant safety regulations, ensuring that your family does not suffer any garage door panel mishaps as a result of poor garage door panel replacement workmanship.

Finally, professional garage door repair saves time and money in the long run. A correctly rendered garage door repair or replacement job increases the longevity of a garage door for years to come.

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