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Have you ever tried lifting your garage door only to find out that the garage door cable came off? If so, then you can pretty much compare the experience to having some back issues. It is not an easy task to do. Your garage door is a complicated machine that is composed of many working parts. Each of them is essential in ensuring a smooth and reliable operation. Part of the process involves a garage door cable, which continues to receive a good amount of pressure, especially when there is an actual lifting of the door. Since the cable is under so much tension, there are chances of it breaking. As such, a serious damage to the property or injury to you could happen. So, as much as possible, you must get a professional garage door cable repair in Maryland when this issue arises.

What Could Go Wrong When a Garage Door Cable Came Off?

A broken garage door cable can present a lot of problems. For starters, these cables are known to start winding around the door’s drum. As a result, the latter gets jammed. It could also make the door droop to one side. Basically, when the cable snaps, your garage door will have a hard time operating smoothly.

These cables are also known to become completely unwound from the drum; hence, the need for them to be reconnected. In most cases, this could mean that the pulleys are worn out, too. When this scenario happens, the cable will find it hard to slip seamlessly. As a result, you will find the garage door becoming stuck or cocked to a particular side only.

So, why exactly did your garage door cable in Maryland break? Remember that these cables tend to move whenever the door is operated. They also travel either over a certain system of pulleys or get wound on a cable drum. As time passes by, the process will leave the cables worn or deteriorated, with the latter often caused by the moisture found near the bottom of your garage door. If the pulley suffers from faulty bearings, expect the wear to be accelerated. If the door is completely out of adjustment, the garage door cable could possibly be rubbing on other hardware items (i.e. track). This one, too, will increase the possibility of wearing. While you can always go for a visual inspection, it is best to contact a professional and reliable garage door cable repair company immediately.

Leave The Repairs To Professionals

We really recommend hiring a professional to fix your garage door cable, as well as all garage-related issues. Keep in mind that there have been thousands of non-professionals who got injured after trying to attempt repairing their broken garage cables. If you do not have the expertise and knowledge, you must never put yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation. Always prioritize safety, so make sure you get in touch with a professional. Doing so will help you keep safe and reliable repair.

An expert in garage door will also perform a complete inspection of your garage door’s overall performance. By doing so, he will able to assess the steps needed to be done. If he finds problems that could potentially result in excessive cable wear and tear, he will perform adjustments that are specifically designed to prolong the life of all garage door components.

Understanding Garage Door Cable

In case you did not know, your garage door comes with different cables, significantly depending on the type of springs it has.

Lift Cables – these are usually found in garage doors with torsion springs. In this setting, the cables are directly attached to the door’s bottom corners. They are then routed back to the torsion springs, which are placed above the door.

Retaining Cables – unlike the aforementioned, these cables are typically found indoors that have extension springs. In this configuration, the cables can be seen inside the springs. It basically runs vertically along the garage door’s left and right sides. The purpose of retaining cables is to avoid the possibility of the springs flying across the garage if they tend to break. That is definitely something you do not want to see happen.

Your Go-To Garage Door Cable Repair Company in Maryland

Whether the cable has already been broken – or you are suspecting its possibility – it is time you call the experts immediately. Our team of professional garage door cable repair experts will be sent away to start investigating and assessing the issue. Our technicians are seasoned and have the know-how to determine what is really wrong. From there, they can easily get your garage door operating smoothly again. No matter how big or small the problem is, it is our goal to always to deliver a premium garage door cable repair in Maryland at an affordable price.